Thermal Interface Materials (TIM’s)

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM’s) are used to fill gaps between surfaces in electronic equipment allowing heat to transfer from the component to the heat sink.

Increasingly electronics are operating at higher temperature levels reducing the reliability of the product over time.  Fothershield’s thermal interface materials are used to ensure a stable operating function, maintaining the life and reliability of equipment.

There are several types of thermal interface materials (TIM’s).  Thermally conductive gap fillers, Phase Change Materials, Thermally Conductive Greases and Lubricants.

The gap fillers are soft, thermally conductive silicones which dissipate heat away from sensitive devices to a heat sink.  Phase change materials are solid at room temperature, but as it heats up it softens and flows thereby filling any gaps of the components it is in contact with.

Thermally conductive greases and lubricants cool electronic applications such as auto and video components and heat source to heat sink.  Thermally conductive putty is used where thermal grease is not suitable and fill air gaps between components or PCBs and heat sinks.


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