Conductive Gaskets for EMI Shielding

Conductive gaskets are used for filling gaps in enclosures, doors, computer or telecommunication systems.  Fothershield has a wide range of electromagnetic shielding gasket materials to suit your applications.

Conductive gaskets are available in a range of materials to suit individual applications.

Products include conductive elastomers loaded with metal particle fillers, conductive fabric over foam and knitted wire mesh gaskets for low compression applications.  There are a wide range of beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrips to choose from, and spring gaskets for gap filling and cable shielding.

Oriented wires in silicone and fluorosilicone give both EMC and environmental shielding.  Expanded wire gaskets are used to produce connector gaskets.  Mesh bandages are specially designed for electronic and electrical cable assemblies.

Conductive Fabric Over Foam gaskets are made from polyester fabric coated with copper and nickel wrapped over a polyurethane sponge core. Fabric over foam gaskets are a good choice for low compression applications and give a high degree of EMI shielding, together with dust and moisture protection. Standard length is 1M, but the gaskets can easily be cut to size. As an economical alternative, aluminium foil wrapped gaskets are also available.

Beryllium Copper (Becu) fingerstrip gaskets give extremely high shielding effectiveness, and are ideal for applications where mechanical strength and fatigue resistance is desired. Giving maximum spring properties and various mounting options, beryllium copper (Becu) fingerstrips give consistent performance due to the hard wearing nature of the beryllium copper alloy.

Hollow Metal Spring EMI Shielding Gaskets offer minimum compression force together with high resilience. Giving 90% free height recovery after deflection during operational life, the gaskets do not absorb moisture and are available in continuous roll, or can be cut to length.

Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets are available as all metal gaskets or the mesh can be wrapped around an elastomer cord. Used on uneven surfaces such as sheet metal fabrications, the gaskets can be supplied in continuous length or cut to size.

Conductive Elastomer Gaskets are elastomers loaded with conductive metal particle fillers such as nickel, silver aluminium or silver, and are supplied in cord or may be made into O rings. Oriented wires in silicone give full environmental and EMI shielding when clamped between two metal surfaces. A Duoseal EMC gasket offers both a shielding gasket and an environmental seal.

Demisters for liquid and gas separation (also known as oil separators) are corrugated metal mesh layers formed into pads.  Used in gas and oil industries, marine, pharmaceutical and food industries, the demisters separate different liquids, or liquids from gas.

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