Aluminium Honeycomb EMI Shielding Vents

Aluminium honeycomb EMI shielding vents for use in shielded enclosures. EMI shielded windows in a range of styles, sizes and finishes and  Copper and Aluminium conductive tapes for gap sealing are also used in shielded rooms.

Aluminium honeycomb EMI shielding vents are designed to allow airflow whilst preventing EMI transmission.  The vents are used in applications such as shielded rooms, generators, engines and heat ventilation systems.  Conductive gaskets such as Beryllium Copper (BeCu) fingerstrip or conductive fabric over foam conductive gaskets may be fitted for improved shielding effectiveness. Dust filters may also be fitted. 

The vents are made from aluminium honeycomb foil within an extruded aluminium mounting frame.  Frames can be treated with finishes to improve conductivity or to provide protection against corrosion.  As aluminium honeycomb is quite fragile, in high traffic areas or where damage to the honeycomb could occur, kick plates can be fitted.  Expanded aluminium kick plates give maximum protection, but reduce air flow.  Woven stainless steel kick plates give lower protection but give higher air flow.


EMC Racks

Fan housings

Electronic Enclosures

Air conditioning units


Frequently used in the same applications, fully laminated shielded windows in plastic or glass allow light transmission whilst preventing the transmission of EMI.  Shielded windows are used in shielded rooms and enclosures where visual inspections are required.

Copper or aluminium conductive tapes can be used to shield seams, to create shielded boxes or for general development work.

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