Conductive Gaskets for EMI Shielding

For filling gaps in enclosures, doors, computer or telecommunication systems, Fothershield has a wide range of EMI shielding conductive gasket materials to suit your applications. Products include conductive fabric over foam gaskets, beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrips, hollow metal spring gaskets, knitted wire mesh, and conductive elastomer gaskets.

Conductive Coatings, Adhesives, Lubricants

A range of conductive coatings for EMI shielding, and conformal coatings to protect assembled PCB boards against dust, moisture and salt-spray. Conductive adhesives in silver epoxy for electronic assembly and repair, carbon and silver conductive greases to improve electrical conductivity and protect against moisture and corrosion.

EMI Shielding Tapes and Absorbers

EMI Shielding Tapes and Absorbers used in a range of applications in the electronics industry including telecommunications, avionics, industrial and consumer electronics

Conductive Anti-Static Boxes, Bins and Totes

Conductive Anti Static Boxes, Bins and Totes for safe handling of static sensitive devices

Electrical Tapes

Electrical Tapes for used for a variety of applications in the electronics industry such as industrial electronics, avionics, telecommunications and consumer electronics

Aluminium Honeycomb EMI Shielding Vents

Aluminium honeycomb EMI Shielding vents for EMC protection and airflow. Dust screens or conductive gaskets may also be applied.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM’s)

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM's) such as thermally conductive gap fillers, Phase Change Materials, Thermally Conductive Greases and Putty, Thermal Transmission Acrylic Foam Tapes, Thermally Conductive Copper and Aluminium Tapes, and Natural and Synthetic Graphites, are used to dissipate heat away from sensitive electronic devices.

Board Level Shielding Cans

Shielding cans used to shield at board level to isolate sensitive electronic components to prevent electromagnetic interference.

Lead Free Solder

Lead Free Solder and Pastes for PCB assembly and repair.

3D Printing using Static Dissipative Materials

3D printing using static dissipative materials to produce anti static products such as rapid prototyping and for design testing.