EMI Shielding with Conductive Coatings

Posted: 31/05/2018

Fothershield are proud to be a certified UK distributor for MG Chemicals range of high quality, high performance coatings.  Electromagnetic compliance is achieved through EMI shielding with conductive coatings.

Today most enclosures are made from plastics which offer no intrinsic protection from EMI or RFI. To achieve electromagnetic compatibility inner surfaces of plastic enclosures are coated with conductive or shielding coatings.

Acrylic coatings are widely used on electronic enclosures, satellite dishes and board level applications, are easy to apply and adhere well to many surfaces. Water based Urethanes have low volatile organic compounds, and are the only choice for architectural applications as they have no noxious vapours and are non-flammable. Epoxy coatings are mar and scratch resistant with strong chemical, abrasion and impact resistance, together with strong adhesion.

EMI shielding with conductive coatings

EMI shielding with conductive coatings

The coatings are pigmented with highly conductive fillers to provide effective EMI/RFI shielding over a broad frequency range. Carbon offers low frequency shielding and is used in applications such as metal detectors, for shielding musical instruments or grounding applications. Nickel gives a good shielding performance together with excellent corrosion resistance making it suitable for marine environments, and is a good standard choice for shielding plastic enclosures or satellite dishes. Silver Coated Copper offers superior shielding at higher frequencies, and is frequently used for coating enclosures and as an undercoat in electroplating applications. Silver provides the highest shielding and corrosion resistance, is suitable for harsh marine environments and mission critical applications.

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