Electrically Conductive Copper Tape for EMI Shielding

Posted: 18/12/2018

Electrically Conductive Copper Tape for EMI Shielding is produced by adding conductive adhesive to copper foil.  The tapes can be simply wound, or can have release liner applied for easy application.

Electrically Conductive Copper Tape has many uses such as:-


  • For shielding signal cables
  • Binding the ends of knitted wire mesh
  • As PCB shields
  • For electrical grounding or static charge draining
  • As a grounding plane
  • Used when mounting EMI shielded windows
  • For electrical connection between surfaces
  • Providing temporary shielding during EMC testing
  • On anti-static flooring (ESD floors


Standard tape length is 33m rolls, and generally come in 13mm or 25mm or 50mm widths, although other widths are available.

Typical shielding effectiveness is between 60dB and 80dB (10KHz to 20GHz).

Aluminium tapes are also available.



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