Duoseal EMC Gasket

Posted: 09/08/2018

Providing both an EMC gasket and an environmental seal in one application, Fothershield’s Duoseal EMC Gasket comprises of two materials with a vulcanised seamed joint.

Compact and space saving, the conductive elastomer provides EMI shielding, whilst the non-conductive silicone or fluorosilicone offers protection from external contaminants including moisture, therefore preventing galvanic corrosion.

Duoseal EMC gaskets can be produced in nickel graphite, silver aluminium or silver copper loaded silicone.  Sillicone or fluorosilicone provide the environmental seal (up to 5 bar).  Duoseal EMC gaskets are available in roll form, strip, or vulcanised to form a jointed ring


Specification Duoseal EMC Gasket

EMI,conductive gasket, environmental seal, RFI shielding, galvanic compatibility,


For more information please download our Conductive Elastomers Catalogue.  Duoseal EMC gaskets may be found on pages 9-10.


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