Demisters for Liquid and Gas Separation

Posted: 19/11/2018


Demisters, also known as oil separators, are filtering pads constructed by layering continuous series of corrugated metal mesh, with specific materials used to give the best results for specific applications.

The demisters are used mostly in oil and gas industries, but are also in many other applications such as food, pharmaceutical industries, and marine industries, where the demisters can be used to separate different liquids such as oil and water, or to separate a gas from a liquid.

  • Oil, gas, water and mist separators, vacuum application filters
  • Corrugated mesh full metal product
  • Round or rectangular shape
  • May be customised for specific applications
  • Stainless steel (different grades available) as standard material
  • Alternative alloys and wire diameters are available on request
  • Standard density 270 Kg/m³
  • Standard single knit, double knit on request
  • Available materials

Stainless Steel (SS)

Tinned Copper Clad Steel (TCS)

Tinned Copper (TC)

Monel (MO)

Aluminium (AL)

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