Conductive Elastomers – Extrusions, O Rings, Flat Gaskets and Sheet Material

Posted: 18/06/2018

Conductive elastomers are loaded with highly conductive fillers such as nickel graphite, silver plated aluminium, silver plated copper and pure nickel.  Available in silicone, or fluorosilicone for resistance to fuel oils and solvents, conductive elastomers are available as extruded profiles, moulded components, flat sheet or as O rings.

Conductive elastomers give superior EMI shielding combined with environmental sealing.  The choice of conductive fillers ensure electrochemical compatibility.


  • Electronic enclosures
  • Military equipment
  • Control units
  • Medical electronic equipment

Conductive Fillers

  • Nickel plated graphite – high quality, cost effective and easy to extrude or mould
  • Silver plated aluminium – used for high frequency applications, and is a lighter weight than some other materials
  • Silver plated copper – excellent EMI shielding performance across all frequencies, but higher cost and increased weight
  • Nickel – widely used in military applications, but generally replaced by nickel plated graphite

Material Selection

  • Silicone – retains its elastomeric properies over a wide range of temperatures.  Does not degrade in oxygen or ozone presence.
  • Fluorosilicone – offers superior chemical resistance

Technical Specification

  • Temperature range -55/+200 degrees C
  • UL94V0 flame retardancy
  • Thickness from 0.5mm
  • Choice of metal fillers for galvanic compatibility
  • Conductive self adhesive backing on sheet form

Fothershield manufacture from a wide range of standard tooling, but can also manufacture to customer’s specification.

For more information please look at our Conductive Elastomers catalogue.

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