Conductive Copper Tapes for use in Electronic Assembly Applications

Posted: 06/03/2019

Conductive copper tapes for use in electronic assembly applications are frequently found in a design engineer’s toolbox.  The tapes have many uses in electronic design, and in R&D laboratories.

The conductive copper tapes are coated with conductive acrylic adhesive made up of a uniform dispersion of conductive nickel silver particles, plus release liner. The conductive copper tapes are perfect for printed circuit board modifications, security alarm circuit repairs, providing electrical conductivity in the seams of EMI shielded rooms and enclosures.  They are also used for cable shielding, electrostatic discharge, and surface contact to non-solderable materials such as plastic or aluminium.

Fothershield offer a wide range of tapes including aluminium tapes, conductive fabric tapes, flexible and nearfield absorber tapes, and wireless power charger absorber tapes.  Thermal tapes include thermal transmission acrylic foam tapes, thermally conductive copper tape, thermally conductive aluminium tape.  Natural and synthetic graphite tapes and electrical tapes for high temperature, electrical insulation, anti-static, PCB masking and electroplating masking tapes are part of the comprehensive range of speciality tapes available.

For more information and to see our other range of conductive and thermally conductive tapes, please download our EMI Shielding Tapes and Absorbers Catalogue.

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