Cable Shielding Bandage Tape

Posted: 21/09/2018

Knitted Wire Mesh Bandages, also known as knitted wire mesh stockings or conductive wire mesh cable screens, are highly flexible EMI shielding meshes used for wrapping around cables for cable shielding and grounding purposes.  The knitted wire mesh bandages are made up of a flattened cylinder, and conform to irregular surfaces.  The  bandages may also be used for ESD (electrostatic discharge) applications.  Cables can also be inserted into the knitted wire mesh bandage for effective cable shielding.  Each end of the mesh bandage should be clamped or soldered to avoid the wire twisting, which could result in an antenna.

For best results an overlap of 50% is recommended.  The mesh bandages are available in a range of material such as tinned copper clad steel (TCS), Monel (MO), Tinned Copper (TC), Aluminium (AL) and Stainless Steel (SS).

Knitted Wire Mesh Banages Tapes for Cable Shielding and grounding applications

Knitted Wire Mesh Bandages Tapes for Cable Shielding and Grounding Applications

For more information please download our Knitted Wire Mesh EMI Shielding Catalogue.

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