Bespoke BeCu Fingerstrip Gaskets

Posted: 26/04/2019

Bespoke BeCu fingerstrip Gaskets for EMI shielding applications when no other fingerstrip is suitable.

Fothershield have a wide range of BeCu fingerstrip gaskets to choose from when looking to solve your EMI Shielding problems.  Sometimes though, a standard product doesn’t quite fit the application.  Fothershield are able to produce bespoke BeCu fingerstrips gaskets for special EMI shielding applications.  On receipt of a technical drawing with detailed dimensions we can work with the customer to produce a shielding gasket specifically for the application.  Tooling is made, and samples are then produced for approval.  Once approved the new BeCu fingerstrip gasket is produced.  Plating options are available including tin, nickel, or even silver plating.

From receipt of your drawing through to producing the end product can take only a few weeks.  Of course, you may not need a bespoke product.  Our comprehensive range of standard products include adhesive mount, clip on, slot mount, track mount, low profile, twisted, enclosure mount and contact series.  With low minimum order quantities and fast deliveries we help to solve your EMC problems quickly and efficiently.

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