Anti-Static Wrist Band and Coiled Cord

Posted: 05/06/2018

Fothershield’s anti-static wrist band and coiled cord sets are used for safe grounding in a static safe electronic handling areas.

The affects of static discharge on electronic components must not be under estimated, and this damage may cause failure of equipment during assembly, at quality control, and when the product is out in the market.

Fothershield offer sets of anti-static wrist bands and coiled cord sets with crocodile clip to ground personnel, making it safe to work with static sensitive devices (ESDS).  The wrist bands and cords may be used in any electronic assembly area where there is risk of damage to electronic components by static discharge.

Coloured blue as standard, the coiled cord has a discrete 1 meg ohm resistor.

The croc clip is removable to reveal a jack plug fitting.


Anti-static wrist band and coiled cord

Anti-static wrist band and coiled cord

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