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EMC and Thermal Management Solutions

EMI shielding products are used in commercial and military markets to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference.  Additionally, thermal interface materials dissipate heat away from vital components to a heat sink to increase both reliability and longevity of the product.

Latest News

Super Cold Aerosol Spray for Thermal Problems with Electronic Devices


Super Cold Aerosol Spray for thermal problems with electronic devices

2 Part Epoxy Adhesive for Vibration Resistant Bonding


2 Part Epoxy Adhesive for Vibration Resistant Bonding. Excellent electrical insulation, static protection.

Water Based EMI shielding Coatings


Water Based EMI shielding coatings for Architectural Shielding creating shielded rooms and blocking mobile phone signals

Silver Urethane Conductive Coating


Silver Urethane Conductive Coating - a short video showing a typical application of the high performance conductive paint